Anthony DellaCroce, Tony D

Anthony DellaCroce, Anthony Della Croce , Tony D, is a Vancouver BC, British Columbia song writer, producer, guitarist, live and studio for the Headpins, Darby Mills, Jerry Doucette, and soundman or soundtech for the Yale Hotel and studio engineer. Anthony DellaCroce, often refered to as Tony D or Tony Croce, specializes as a Rock blues guitar player and a song writer of diverse styles. Anthony DellaCroce is the producer of Jerry Doucette's Most Memorable Works, Vintage 2001 CD and tours regularly with the Headpins and Darby Mills. He is a busy song writer at his home studio writing and assembling ideas for his debut album. Tony D, has toured along side Nazareth, Prism, Helix, Motley Crew and played many festivals with the likes of Paul Rogers, Kim Mitchell, Big Sugar to name a few. See Anthony DellaCroce, Tony D, play Rock Blues Guitar With Darby Mills in the Headpins and Jerry Doucette in Vancouver or on tour.

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